Payment gateway

Multi-functional payment system

Payment acceptance, statistical and analytical tools for your business, complete adjustment of displayed data, possibility to control and monitor transaction rate.

Core of the payment system satisfies demands of any business regardless of the role model. Payment service solves problems employing the latest tools for transactions, processing operations and client service.


Tools of the payment system are multi-functional. In order to unleash the potential of your business, various methods of analysis and analytics can be used, along with multiple parameters and statistical data.

  • Access to statistics
  • Analysis of transaction success rate
  • Demographic analysis of transactions

For this role model maximum access is allowed. It supports all system functions and grants privileges to exploit all tools available.

  • Access to all tools
  • Access to statistics
  • Payment method controls
  • Commission and limit settings
  • Role management

Manager’s role implies control of transactions and sales. Available data can be filtered and set correspondingly by the manager.

  • Access to transaction status
  • Country and map filters
  • Export of payment operation list

Main features of payment system

Multi-functional set of tools and services

Orangepays payment system has multiple distinctive features. It is simple, user-friendly and optimized for normal users therefore it facilitates business and ensures revenue growth.


Users of Orangepays payment system receive a set of tools for individual adjustments of personal account. Clients, thereby, are enabled to enhance their business capacity and implement various role models to process electronic payments.

Payment acceptance

Payment system provides service of electronic payment acceptance, relevant informative reports, and fast transaction rate to optimize financial department performance.

System supports multi-currency, accepts all of the main VISA and MasterCard debit and credit cards and other alternative methods of payments. Client support service is available 24/7 to consult you on any issues concerning operation of the payment system.

Due to built-in UI-components, developers can create a unique payment form that will match the project design. Additionally, user-friendly version of this form will be available on mobile devices.

  • Electronic payments acceptance
  • Invoice generation
  • Payment form adjustment
  • Multi-currency support
  • 24/7 support
  • Variety of payment methods
  • Mobile Friendly

Payment processing

  • Top security level
  • Unique anti-fraud system
  • Dispute resolution
  • Role model distribution

This payment system is highly secure. Unique methods of security will eliminate fraudulent transactions and prevent attempts of malicious attacks on your business. We offer dispute resolution facilities in favour of our clients, namely – analysis and resolution of claims, money refunds and assistance with bills of complaints.

Unique anti-fraud system, equipped with a special filter, processes transactions in real time. It is based on machine-learning and combines various algorithms to manage risks with maximum efficiency and to build confidence in electronic payments. Besides that, transactions are subject to 3D Secure method which advances the level of protection from fraudulent transactions.


  • Financial support department
  • Prompt payments and reports
  • Financial reports
  • Consolidated reports

Unified financial reports allow efficient analysis of transactions and simplify income/expenses management.

It is possible to generate reports automatically or make them personally in API system.

Financial support department approaches every client individually and replies to their requests as soon as possible.

Flexible project adjustment

Payment system interface was designed in line with the latest trends, user interface and cooperation experience. The dashboard, available to every client of our system, supports any convenient means of access.

It is possible to adjust a number of functions for engaged projects. Developers have access to detailed documentation, which demonstrates the most flexible and easiest integration with uncomplicated program interface.

  • Modern user interface
  • Mobile support
  • Delegation of authority
  • API and ready-made libraries
  • Settings for API methods