Protection of payments
Laser beam

Reliable anti-fraud tool

Risk management and anti-fraud tool is integrated in the payment processing system which automatically traces and analyses transactions in real time, assesses potential risks and significantly increases user’s safety level due to machine learning and a combination of algorithms.

Fraud prevention system can be used in any business area. All card transactions are securely protected and have a high transaction rate which is achieved through anti-fraud self-learning protection system. This innovative system can be adjusted to satisfy client needs and demonstrates flexibility with relevant approach to different business areas thereby increasing conversion of electronic payments.

Due to anti-fraud system operated by Orangepays you do not risk losing money because of commissions and fraudulent transactions, but on the contrary, your performance and conversion will improve.

Increased profits

Transaction volume and conversion of successful operations depend directly on the quality of the safety module performance. Due to the unique anti-fraud system based on machine-learning and algorithms which analyse transactions in real time, your revenue will be increasing.

Maximum security

Multiple factors of financial activities must be considered when operating the payment system. Tracing and monitoring of fraud transactions ensure maximum safety of funds. Anti-fraud service blocks fraud transaction not affecting real thereby protecting business and avoiding scams.

Personalized safety settings

Filtration of fraud payments involves multiple parameters of transaction analysis. Safety parameters may be individually adjusted subject to project requirements. The system complies with PCI DSS Level 1 and allows adjustments of various parameters for 3-D Secure.

Laser beam performance tasks

Application of Laser beam system ensures security for transactions and protection against fraud.

Segregation of transactions

Anti-fraud system and other safety methods activate segregation of transactions to identify non-fraudulent transactions. Thereby, conversion is not reduced and your profit increases, avoiding costs to solve fraud-payment issues.

Detection of fraudulent operations

Laser beam was designed to detect and prevent fraudulent operations fast and accurately and to provide users with the highest level of security and protection. By means of machine learning this service gains experience with each transaction and blocks every fraudulent attempt.

Personal identification with 3-D Secure technology

Implementation of 3-D Secure technology in our payment system allows to identify the user and reduce the risks of fraudulent transactions. The present technology incorporates card holder’s personality identification, and thereby it ensures high level of security.

This payment system was designed to enable optimization of 3D Secure function for certain demands and types of businesses.