Statistics and business analysis

Personal account in Orangepays payment system gives opportunity to use statistical and analytical service. This service makes it possible to instantly trace successful transactions, monitor in real time stages of payment and their sources, and also analyse information about countries, sales and other indicators. Statistics will help find optimal solution for your business, minimize stagnation and increase income, due to analysis tools that can be applied free of charge.

Available statistics

Amount, currency, time range, methods of payment, geographical coverage and others.

Statistics of transactions amount, charged commission fees and your project interest rate.


Payment system supports multi-currency and therefore provides statistics of currencies in use. You can also trace the most popular currency for your project.

Methods of payment

Many business-solutions take account of payment methods most frequently employed during financial operations. This payment system provides opportunity to analyse transactions and their success depending on payment method.

Time range

It is possible to analyse time range from a minute up to a year. Therefore the service can show active and ‘dead’ time zones of the day and night and also identify the most profitable month or the period with the lowest income.

Geographical coverage

Internet payments can be made from any place in the world. In order to improve performance it is often necessary to obtain statistical data of client location. This option is offered in Analysis module.