About company

Orangepays is an international company that provides processing services for electronic payments in the sphere of internet-acquiring. Orangepays is regulated by Czech National Bank and conforms to all norms of financial operations management. This payment system was created to enhance efficiency of electronic payments and increase profits of businesses which use the service.

We offer a simple, fast and safe way to conduct financial operations in your business. Orangepays has extensive experience in providing processing services and operates worldwide. Company offices are located in 6 countries and supply services to more than 150 large projects.

Why Orangepays?

Responsibility for provided services

Filtration of fraud payments includes a number of parameters for transaction analysis. Safety parameters are due to individual adjustments subject to project requirements. System complies with PCI DSS Level 1 and allows 3-D Secure settings for various parameters.

Broad coverage

Electronic payment processing service covers the whole EEA including islands and off-shore areas. Due to this, our clients can use the services from anywhere in the world.

High level of security

In the sphere of electronic payments, an important role is dedicated to safety and security of financial operations made by our clients. Orangepays payment system provides top level Anti-Fraud security service. In addition, our company complies with PCI DSS and is licensed to provide financial operations with VISA/MasterCard payment methods.

Innovative payment solutions

Modern solutions provided by the payment system are constantly adjusted and modernized and correspond to the latest tendencies of the financial world.

Steps to start business with Orangepays

Analysis of ideas, requirements and expected results

It is necessary to find a niche among the growing number of open businesses in order to make your project unique and competitive. Our services include analysis and close examination of your applications, at the end of which you will have understanding of further directions for your business.

Company registration and licensing

To run a business and provide services you need a registered company and a license for payment operations. Orangepays deals with relevant licensing and paperwork, therefore there is nothing for you to be concerned about.

Contract and support

Contract is signed after paperwork has been processed and your requirements have been met. At your disposal you will receive widely applied tools and recommendations to promote your business and increase the number of successful sales.


IT-services, which provide SEO-maintenance, website design and other works, require convenient methods of payment. The lack of the latter may lead to difficulties in running a business and retaining its clients.

Processing services by Orangepays and simple integration of payment form, along with a wide range of functions available to the users of the payment service, will increase your revenue.


Orangepays payment methods are frequently used by e-commerce clients. Our payment system’s analytical instruments, high speed and transaction rates ensure high level of payment conversion.

We receive positive feedback from our clients about the payment form. They find it uncomplicated and user-friendly. E-commerce owners can modify the form in accordance with their demands.

Entertainment and other services

Processing services are popular and constantly developing. With our payment system your clients will discover new perspectives and will be able to make simple and safe instant payments for services and goods

After the payment, funds are transferred to your account and no hidden commissions are charged.

Social networks

Dating websites and social games often require a multi-functional payment solution corresponding to all norms of confidentiality and personal data protection. Orangepays system makes it possible for the payment forms to be used for personal purposes and modified accordingly.