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Orangepays - payment system that will expand your business opportunities

Due to our unique approach in addressing challenges, electronic payments will lead your business to the next level, and the use of the service will become a simple and convenient process backed up by an optimized and user-friendly design, a considerable safety system and support for any issues at any time.

Users’ guide

Users of Orangepays payment system can make online-payments easily using any convenient gadget. Our payment form is supported by smartphones, computers and in any browser.

Before transactions you should fill in a safety form with your payment card data. Instant transaction follows the verification of 3-D Secure, due to which all financial operations are screened thoroughly and leave no chance to fraudulent transactions.

Orangepays is the fastest and safest way of internet payment. Our payment form has been acknowledged by our clients as prompt and user-friendly. This form also accelerates payment operation up to 25% and reduces the number of declined payments to 2%.




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Developers’ guide

Orangepays payment system is open for cooperation with software developers and works at its utmost to ultimately accelerate and simplify the configuration of the payment form and personal account integration.

Adjustment and integration of the payment service are prompt and without technical issues because of the employment of informative and broad documentation along with available API methods that range widely and are applicable to different categories.

Developers can get familiar with and use full technical documentation, web-integration, mobile integration, API methods, libraries and supported plug-ins for integration.